My Approach

As my student, or the parent of my student, together we can tailor the sessions to each individual’s requirements. We can incorporate all parts of the complete learning process where you will have the opportunity to improvise, compose, play exercises or scales and pieces, study theory, aural training and sight reading.

Teaching for children should be fun as I want them to look forward to the lesson! I use playful games and tasks for them to learn the keys and to read the music whilst developing their needs during the lessons.

Teaching will vary with regard to the focus from the student; if the student is going for a grade then the teaching will change as we get closer towards the exam. If a student is learning for solely pleasure, the teaching will be relaxed and more informal.

I always keep a record book for each student, enabling me to ensure a good overall balance of activities. This also reminds me of any particular areas which need further help or explanation. I am keen to promote ABRSM exams as an excellent measure of my pupil’s achievement. Those wishing to enter practical or theory exams are encouraged to do so.

My main aim is to promote the enjoyment of the many wonderful aspects of music, gained through learning the piano.